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No one's better at running your business or organization - than you. 
No one's better at maintaining your web presence - than us.

At eProImage, our goal is to provide professional businesses personalized service and create functional, easy-to-navigate professional websites that portray your best image…a professional image at an affordable price.   Sure, you could probably spend your time learning proper website development, but that's just it - your time is better spent optimizing your business and taking care of your customers.

Portfolio Images Not Showing
If there is an empty portfolio event with an image count of zero it will cause the portfolio page to error out on the website. Delete the empty event and the images should automatically appear as normal.

Adding PayPal as a payment method
In your online manager
 - Go to Cart Manager (left main menu)
 - Go to Billing Info (sub menu)
 - Payment Method = PayPal
 - Type = Payment Service
 - Click Update
 - Go to Real-Time Processing (sub menu)
 - On Payment Service row, click on Update
 - Service Name = PayPal
 - Account Name/Email = the email address attached to your existing PayPal account
 - Currency Code = USD – U.S. Dollar

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